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Diseaseless Program Review - Jaundice in Newborn

To what extent the spread of the problem? happen jaundice physiological are very common in newborns while happening disease hemolysis are not uncommon and are rarely very child injury jaundice Cataract What are the risks?

Holds a degenerative disease of the blood minimal risk is the occurrence of a very high level of material bilirubin in the blood it which may cause damage to the brain, but it does not happen almost never because the obstetrician deals with the child immediately after diagnosis he has contracted the illness while obstructive who gets injured as a result of child jaundice cataract fatal liver damage unless it is dealt with as soon as possible what is the treatment? Diseaseless Program Review - Dr. Patel Program

Given the child usually plenty of water to drink when suffering from jaundice physiological and when the level of material Bib Irwin high displays the child's body to ultraviolet light, which helps the liver in the composition of the chemicals necessary for the production of bilirubin go away without treatment most cases of degenerative disease of the blood, while dealing with cases is intense by replacing the blood of an infected and are processed jaundice cataract surgical operation and if the main channel of the Yellow bad training opportunities are repaired good but if ductal minute numerous yellow bad configuration even within the liver , the chances of reform are weak and the child's future is grim.

Learn about the causes of jaundice (yolk) in children
Jaundice of the newborn Infant jaundice one of the common conditions that affect children in the early days of age, especially those children who are born early, before reaching 36 weeks of gestational age.

Injuries yellowish "jaundice": yellowish "jaundice" jaundice, or what called Balsa far in some Arab areas, the asset is a description of a medical case change the color of each of the skin and whites of the eyes towards the yellow color. , and the main reason behind the injury of many of the children in this case, the cross, is that the capacity of the liver have not yet been completed, and thus not be able efficiently to rid Body of a chemical that can cause change the color of the skin and whites of the eyes, but in some cases, there are reasons other conditions.

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