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Diseaseless Program Review - Some Congenital Malformations In The Baby

Some congenital malformations in the baby. In some children note that the tongue tied at the bottom with the bottom of the mouth, inappropriate, will be moving the tongue is weak, something unusual happens a lot and not have to worry, and usually disappear with the end of the first year, and if it continues then can undergo surgery to prevent its impact on speech case only need to be fast surgical intervention is the inability of a newborn on the breast are rare, and surgical intervention is usually after the end of the first year of life.

Undescended testicle - testicular grasshoppers

Consists of the testicles in the abdomen, and in the last stage of pregnancy is descent into the scrotum (scrotum) through the inguinal canal, but in a few cases, we note the absence of one of the testicles in place. What are the reasons for undescended testicle? "

Lack of certain hormones in the mother or the fetus 'lack of response from the testis of those hormones, "dealt with the mother of some medications during pregnancy, "the existence of a defect anatomical in the inguinal canal to prevent the descent of the testis what are undescended testicle undescended testes? is the absence of the test is in its natural place in the scrotum, but it can prove its presence in the groin area (peritonitis), with an incidence of 4% of children, and usually start to come down gradually, and you need to hormone therapy in some cases, as the need for surgical intervention when there is no descent after the first year of life. Diseaseless Program Review by Ken Drew

What is testicular grasshopper’s retractile testes?
Testicular exist in the upper part of the scrotum, can be downloaded at the screening, but due to its place again, and those do not need to treat, just need medical follow-up.

What testis is descending Cryptorchidism?

Absence of testis in the scrotum or groin area means no down its full linger in the abdominal area, and usually those few cases, and cannot descend to the bag on its own, but you need to surgical intervention to be lowered.

What are the problems resulting from the undescended testicle? can be exposed undescended testicle and is coming down to atrophy, and then not being able to have children if there was not the descent of the testes there one testicle undescended present in the abdomen, is it necessary to perform the surgery for her?

There are multiple problems for not dealing with testicular non calamity, usually exposed to atrophy and failure to perform its function, may also be affected by the blood vessels feeding her and then lead to severe pain, and that a high proportion of the testis in the abdomen develop cancer inappropriate, must be removed.

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