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Ken Drew & Dr. Patel Program - Fungal Infections In The Mouth

Where the source of these fungi?

Source is unclear, but mostly at the nursing mother, as we find in some cases the nipple, the steward of Mother cleaning chest wet towels and then dried before feeding, and after the end of the child from the breast should put a piece of gauze or Cotton on the nipple and around to ensure the drought which (found in pharmacies piece of gauze dedicated for this purpose) and how it happens if suckle milk industry?

Fungi grow in moist areas, may not have obvious symptoms, may be the source of the urinary system of the mother or take care of the child, inappropriate, of the most important tips for the mother hygiene before breast-feed the baby.

What is the treatment? give medication anti-fungal, points oral four times a day for four days, and this drug has no side effects, but you must put it directly in the mouth (not with milk ) In the case of a fungal infection in the area to maintain a companion, you can add an anti-fungal ointment, as inflammation maintaining the same treatment. Should always consult your doctor. Diseaseless Program Review

Cleft lip or cleft palate - and what are the types?

Considered this type of congenital malformations defect structurally because it is the result of the inability of some outcrops of origin or developmental located in the area of incision to integrate into the period when the fetus, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, and the resulting a defect in some of the functions of the body physiological such as hearing and the correct pronunciation and chewing and swallowing, and the natural growth of the maxilla and members related or nearby, such as the nose and thus the overall appearance of the face in addition to what caused this defect of the psychological impact on the patient and his family.


The problem occurs as a result of the inability of some outcrops to integrate into the embryonic stage, and therefore it seems to us in various forms based on the type of extrusion affected, inappropriate, shows us the following forms:

Might affect this defect of the upper lip only is called cleft lip or cleft lip single-or dual-side (i.e. be a notch on both sides lip).

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