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June 12 2014


Ken Drew & Dr. Patel Program - Fungal Infections In The Mouth

Where the source of these fungi?

Source is unclear, but mostly at the nursing mother, as we find in some cases the nipple, the steward of Mother cleaning chest wet towels and then dried before feeding, and after the end of the child from the breast should put a piece of gauze or Cotton on the nipple and around to ensure the drought which (found in pharmacies piece of gauze dedicated for this purpose) and how it happens if suckle milk industry?

Fungi grow in moist areas, may not have obvious symptoms, may be the source of the urinary system of the mother or take care of the child, inappropriate, of the most important tips for the mother hygiene before breast-feed the baby.

What is the treatment? give medication anti-fungal, points oral four times a day for four days, and this drug has no side effects, but you must put it directly in the mouth (not with milk ) In the case of a fungal infection in the area to maintain a companion, you can add an anti-fungal ointment, as inflammation maintaining the same treatment. Should always consult your doctor. Diseaseless Program Review

Cleft lip or cleft palate - and what are the types?

Considered this type of congenital malformations defect structurally because it is the result of the inability of some outcrops of origin or developmental located in the area of incision to integrate into the period when the fetus, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, and the resulting a defect in some of the functions of the body physiological such as hearing and the correct pronunciation and chewing and swallowing, and the natural growth of the maxilla and members related or nearby, such as the nose and thus the overall appearance of the face in addition to what caused this defect of the psychological impact on the patient and his family.


The problem occurs as a result of the inability of some outcrops to integrate into the embryonic stage, and therefore it seems to us in various forms based on the type of extrusion affected, inappropriate, shows us the following forms:

Might affect this defect of the upper lip only is called cleft lip or cleft lip single-or dual-side (i.e. be a notch on both sides lip).


Diseaseless Program Review - Some Congenital Malformations In The Baby

Some congenital malformations in the baby. In some children note that the tongue tied at the bottom with the bottom of the mouth, inappropriate, will be moving the tongue is weak, something unusual happens a lot and not have to worry, and usually disappear with the end of the first year, and if it continues then can undergo surgery to prevent its impact on speech case only need to be fast surgical intervention is the inability of a newborn on the breast are rare, and surgical intervention is usually after the end of the first year of life.

Undescended testicle - testicular grasshoppers

Consists of the testicles in the abdomen, and in the last stage of pregnancy is descent into the scrotum (scrotum) through the inguinal canal, but in a few cases, we note the absence of one of the testicles in place. What are the reasons for undescended testicle? "

Lack of certain hormones in the mother or the fetus 'lack of response from the testis of those hormones, "dealt with the mother of some medications during pregnancy, "the existence of a defect anatomical in the inguinal canal to prevent the descent of the testis what are undescended testicle undescended testes? is the absence of the test is in its natural place in the scrotum, but it can prove its presence in the groin area (peritonitis), with an incidence of 4% of children, and usually start to come down gradually, and you need to hormone therapy in some cases, as the need for surgical intervention when there is no descent after the first year of life. Diseaseless Program Review by Ken Drew

What is testicular grasshopper’s retractile testes?
Testicular exist in the upper part of the scrotum, can be downloaded at the screening, but due to its place again, and those do not need to treat, just need medical follow-up.

What testis is descending Cryptorchidism?

Absence of testis in the scrotum or groin area means no down its full linger in the abdominal area, and usually those few cases, and cannot descend to the bag on its own, but you need to surgical intervention to be lowered.

What are the problems resulting from the undescended testicle? can be exposed undescended testicle and is coming down to atrophy, and then not being able to have children if there was not the descent of the testes there one testicle undescended present in the abdomen, is it necessary to perform the surgery for her?

There are multiple problems for not dealing with testicular non calamity, usually exposed to atrophy and failure to perform its function, may also be affected by the blood vessels feeding her and then lead to severe pain, and that a high proportion of the testis in the abdomen develop cancer inappropriate, must be removed.


Online Diseaseless Program Review - Treatment Yellowing (Jaundice) In Newborns

Treatment yellowing (jaundice) in newborns: light and medium cases of yellowing (jaundice) go away on their own without treatment within a week or two weeks. However, it can be treated at home by exposing the child to the sun and should be careful well as the children's skin can become infected very easily sunburn.

Accidental arms of the child and his legs only to the sun early in the morning for 5 to 10 minutes, where the sunlight is strong. (The child is exposed to the sun twice, each time 5 minutes better than the exposed 10 minutes at a time, which limits the exposure of the child continuing to the sun.)

You may want to cover the baby's head hat white to protect his head from the sun. Cases yellowing (jaundice) extreme need separate treatment in hospital treatment by optical neon private sends UV-length waves as this particular lighting may be harmful into the child, must be constantly cover the baby's eyes. Diseaseless Program Review Scam

The fluorescent light is located in the home does not help. or alter the baby's blood must be emphasized here that the neon light normal at home does not help in the treatment and also give the water and sugar to a child or serum diabetes, and these practices may give parents the feeling that this is the required treatment, which may cause delays in knowing the values of bilirubin, and the things that help to speed the demise of jaundice is a lot of emphasis on breastfeeding.

Important information: There is a kind of rare yellow newborns called "yellow associated with breastfeeding," and is caused by the breast milk. This situation is usually diagnosed by stopping breast milk for 24 hours and the use of the formula instead. If the yellow fell, the child is suffering from yellow associated with breastfeeding. Some doctors recommend that stop mother about breastfeeding and replace breast milk industry to disappear yellow.


Ken Drew & Dr. Patel Deseaseless Program - Jaundice, Or So-Called Balsa Far Or Abu Whistling When Born

Jaundice (yolk, yellow or Abu yolk) is a sign or display clinical and not a disease in itself, because the causes of the emergence of this tag is a different disease in different places and jaundice may occur in different ways. considered viral hepatitis months of diseases that lead to the emergence of a sign of jaundice in the Arab world as well as gallstones.

While cases of jaundice in newborns is common Too many physiological jaundice ( natural.) What is jaundice? How come the doctor of his presence through clinical examination? Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin and conjunctiva membranes Scleral icterus and other mucous membranes in the body.

To investigate, ask the doctor from the patient to open his eyes, after which the doctor lifting the upper eyelid and the patient is asked to look down to make sure of the existence of that yellowing in the whites of the eyes upper sclera or not, and preferably in the presence of a good light, preferably in daylight. Considered eye examination best guide to make sure that the incidence of jaundice or not, because increasing the proportion of beta-carotene Program By  Ken Drew & Dr. Patel

* In the blood causing yellowing (tends to orange color) in the skin only and not in the conjunctiva of the eye.

* Of the most famous foods that contain a high content of beta-carotene are: pumpkin (pumpkin), carrots, and some vitamin A derivatives. before beginning to talk about jaundice must understand the metabolism of bilirubin to facilitate the understanding of the causes of jaundice and its types and how to diagnosis and treatment so you will cited at the outset to explain I tried to be simplified and supported by some of the pictures and a video clip from the metabolism bilirubin in the body.

Why it appears it show Jaundice is a yellowish eyes and skin? yellowing produced when rising level of pigment bilirubin in the blood from the normal level (less than 1 mg per dL of blood = 17 Micro Mall per liter) which can be up to three times that Level (3 milligrams per blood = 51 Micro Mall per liter) or even more than that, then those are the expulsion of excess quantity of blood to the skin and mucous membranes.


Diseaseless Program Review - Jaundice in Newborn

To what extent the spread of the problem? happen jaundice physiological are very common in newborns while happening disease hemolysis are not uncommon and are rarely very child injury jaundice Cataract What are the risks?

Holds a degenerative disease of the blood minimal risk is the occurrence of a very high level of material bilirubin in the blood it which may cause damage to the brain, but it does not happen almost never because the obstetrician deals with the child immediately after diagnosis he has contracted the illness while obstructive who gets injured as a result of child jaundice cataract fatal liver damage unless it is dealt with as soon as possible what is the treatment? Diseaseless Program Review - Dr. Patel Program

Given the child usually plenty of water to drink when suffering from jaundice physiological and when the level of material Bib Irwin high displays the child's body to ultraviolet light, which helps the liver in the composition of the chemicals necessary for the production of bilirubin go away without treatment most cases of degenerative disease of the blood, while dealing with cases is intense by replacing the blood of an infected and are processed jaundice cataract surgical operation and if the main channel of the Yellow bad training opportunities are repaired good but if ductal minute numerous yellow bad configuration even within the liver , the chances of reform are weak and the child's future is grim.

Learn about the causes of jaundice (yolk) in children
Jaundice of the newborn Infant jaundice one of the common conditions that affect children in the early days of age, especially those children who are born early, before reaching 36 weeks of gestational age.

Injuries yellowish "jaundice": yellowish "jaundice" jaundice, or what called Balsa far in some Arab areas, the asset is a description of a medical case change the color of each of the skin and whites of the eyes towards the yellow color. , and the main reason behind the injury of many of the children in this case, the cross, is that the capacity of the liver have not yet been completed, and thus not be able efficiently to rid Body of a chemical that can cause change the color of the skin and whites of the eyes, but in some cases, there are reasons other conditions.

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